Wednesday, March 12, 2008

big day for relegation

With Brum traveling to Pompey and Boro to Villa to play their games in hand, it's a big day for the relegation battle. Here's how the table currently looks:

12. Boro 29 -17
13. Wigan 28 -16
14. Reading 28 -21
15. Newcastle 28 -26
16. Keane-O 27 -21
17. Brum 26 -10
18 Bolton 25 -14
19. Fulham 20 -23

Pulling an upset would be huge for both clubs. For Boro, they would put 7 points between them and Bolton (who have a game in hand: next Tuesday at Old Trafford). For Birmingham, they would leap up to 13th and be able to breathe -- albeit slightly.

The relegation battle is going to be exciting probably even after the fat lady sings. Screw what Blatter thinks, games like today make the sport truly unique.