Monday, January 14, 2008

This the Premiership or the Circus?

So many stories, so many sideshows.

I've always been told Footy contains drama, but I didn't figure the General Hospital sort. Big Sam leaving Newkie Brown, Jewell signing Savage AND Ghaly, HicksGillete Inc. flirting with Klinsmann, DIC possibly buying out HicksGillete.

And we here thought eloping with Jessica Simpson to Cabo was bad.

Newcastle may be relegated after Ashley's ill-timed firing. As I wrote here a few weeks ago, what would firing Big Sam prove? The size of your penis? They weren’t going anywhere upwards, but more importantly they weren’t going anywhere downwards. Like West Ham, they were going to be stuck in mediocrity.

But no, Ashley had to meddle with the (crappy) brew and now he’s totally skunked it. As seen in that pathetic second half, which now makes Roma’s performance there last spring look spirited, the team has given up. A motley crew of has-beens, and never weres – not to mention felons – the only path for Toon Nation is “down, down, down, in a burning ring of fire.” The dysfunction is great news for everyone else in the relegation hunt.

In other relegation news, Paul Jewell figured he’ll either injure every other team in order to survive, or provide the tabloids with plenty of fodder as his team drops back down to the Championship. Everyone thought Bowyer and Dyer’s reunion would be volatile. But Savage and Ghaly together?!? My god! One’s a thug, another is a nutcase who throws temper tantrums and insults his new club. I know I’ll be watching every Derby match from now on.

I wont comment on the Liverpool silliness, as numerous other blogs have. I will however briefly voice my disgust at MLS for rejecting Preston North End’s bid for Zack Morris – er, I mean Taylor Twellman. MLS yet again takes itself way too seriously, and proves (again) that it is also a bad business partner. In order for your league to grow in stature, you gotta let your birdies out of the coup and fly on their own.