Friday, January 11, 2008

Return from the Holidaze

Apologies for the lack of updates, but the logic board in my trusty old Powerbook G4 finally went. So instead I am running off an old G3 that (somehow) still works until I either repair the old fossil, or shell out $1300-plus on a new model.

Although its currently fifty degrees and thunderstorming here in Massachusetts, it is in fact winter – particularly mid-January. And that means that most (important) leagues -- sans Bundesliga -- return from their holiday furlough. As a dilettante toward these other leagues, here’s some things I would like to see.

Ligue 1: Can anyone other than Lyon win this, please? No other club has been able to in six years, and the previous one besides got relegated last season…so we’re all counting on you Caen.

La Liga: It’s back already? Who knew? Hopefully Real Madrid lay an egg ala last season’s Barca, otherwise the only (superficial) form of entertainment is watching Valencia free fall. And if you needed another reason to enjoy footy, Sevilla have a +12 goal differential -- with eight losses.

BWINLIGA: Seeing as how Porto essentially has this in the bag, I hope Freddy Adu fully emerges at Benfica. The national squad could use his attacking prowess.

Eredivisie: Perhaps Feyenoord can win their first title in nine seasons. Or Twente or Gronigen their first ever. Anybody but PSV and Ajax? Lets hope so. And what the hell happened to AZ?

Serie A: Results are already on Wikipedia.

Whenever I decide what to do about my computer, expect some new posts about the similarities in parity between the NFL and Coca Cola Championship, as with an in depth analysis of the various managerial celebrations – particularly the fist-pump. Until then expect sporadic updates, and enjoy this video in light of all the election hoopla. And this classic.