Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bottom, Top, and Bottom

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've been busy trying to wrap up my diploma, and I've been blogging over at The Offside. So please pardon the lapses.

But with all the hoopla of the Champions League semifinals commencing today. I want to call people's attention to the bottom of the Premier League and the Top of the Coca-Cola Championship, and how what used to be up is now down in both leagues.

With Bolton winning two straight, and Brum and Reading dropping points at the least favorable time, the relegation party now has three participants trying to get out alive. Separated by just one point, Reading needs to gain more points than the others as their goal-differential is the worst in the league (excluding Derby, who don't count).

At the top the CCC, things are finally beginning to sort themselves out. West Brom are on the pole position, two points ahead of second-place Stoke City. Behind Stoke are Hull (72pts), Bristol City (71, AND A NEGATIVE-1 GD!), Watford (69) and Crystal Palace (68). Ipswich (65) need a victory at Preston this weekend if they have any hopes to sneak into the playoffs.

The bottom of the CCC in a whole other matter with six clubs separated by just three (!) points.

But that deserves its own post. (Yes that means I will be updating again).