Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great FIFA Swindle part 2

After this continuing Daniel Cousin debacle, I may have to turn this into a FIFA and UEFA watchdog blog.

Well today the powers that be decided to delay, again. This akin to Beckham and the Galaxy waiting, and waiting, and waiting before allowing him to "recover" and actually play.

Over a week ago Gus Roux stated that Cousin had played more than 20 minutes for Lens. That other game was an Intertoto Match, which does violate FIFA rules. But I was unaware people even counted it, as its the pre-season and not taken very seriously.

Heck, even the Rangers gaffer wants this saga over with as he agreed to sell him on JANUARY 22nd, and were first contacted on the 21st. For those keeping count, that was 3.5 weeks ago. Now, it'll be just under a month.

This is truly getting ridiculous. I don't recall Mascherano or 'Pool ever having to go through such hoops.

No, Cousin isn't the answer to Fulham's problem. But this amounts to when White kids here in the states are caught with cocaine and just get probation, whereas minorities get the book thrown at them.

Simply pathetic.