Monday, December 31, 2007

The worst of 2007, in 2007-08

Norman Hubbard just wrote a column detailing, in his opinion, the worst players of the season so far. Yet some of those name’s are somewhat “N/A” as they haven’t played enough to display their bust-ness (read: David Nugent).

So below is my ‘Worst XI’ of the first half. To qualify, you need to start in at least half of your clubs matches, and/or appear in two-thirds of the total. My math may be a bit fuzzy, but without much ado here’s the team that could make a run in the MLS Cup:

Goalkeeper: Craig Gordon, Sunderland. Okay, this may be a bit unfair as Sunderland’s defense is terrible and its his first stint in the Premier League. But for 9-million pounds, being a part of the second-highest goals conceded (a whopping 39) is becoming of a flop.

Right Back: Chris Baird, Fulham. Having the characteristics more of a hobbit than a top-flight defender, Baird’s 3-million pound transfer fee from SoHo was suspect. And if anyone watched the ManCity and Spurs matches at the Cottage, it was easy to see why each of Fulham’s opponents ran their offenses through him, and scored 3 goals respectively.

Centre Back(s): The Derby Defenders. This one is rather self-explanatory.

Left Back: Jose Enrique, Newcastle. I gotta agree with Hubbard on this one, so I wont steal anymore from him.

Right Midfield: SK Hyeon, Fulham. Six Starts, eight substitutions and only 1 assist, never passes, hell, never looks up while dribbling. It may not be saying a lot, but Sanchez’s worst signing. Hodgson should do the club a favor and release him in January.

Central Mid(s): Joey Barton, Newcastle and Mohammed Sissoko, Liverpool. One is currently (as far as I know) in a Liverpool jail, the other is currently on the ‘Missing Person’s” List at Liverpool’s police station. Barton’s only goal was a penalty kick in a dour match against Fulham, Sissoko’s only goal was in the first week of the season. Come February expect Barton to play for Liverpool Prison FC; and Momo, well, if anyone knows of his whereabouts please call the proper police hotline.

Left Midfield: I really wanted to copy Hubbard (again) and give it to MG Pedersen, but I think Luis Boa Morte, West Ham takes the cake. No goals, no appearances since early December, and another injury plagued season.

Striker(s): Darren Bent, Tottenham and Jeremie Aliadiere, Boro. Both were summer signings, both have been disappointments. Aliadiere has a mere one goal on a team that only outscores Derby. Bent cost almost 17-million pounds, so anything other than leading the Premier League in goals is disappointing. Yet Bent is fourth on the depth chart. Two of his five goals came in the UEFA Cup, and another two came in routs against Derby and Wigan – yikes.

If you know of any I missed, feel free to add!